National costumes

The Romanian inhabitant of Șiria wears a brimmed black hat in summer, a long shirt almost to the knees, long and wide drawers up above the ankles, sandals or boots; during winter boots with carămbii up to the knees. The shirts and underwear have no adornment; the fabric is homemade, out of flax. The shirts have their pumnari (cuffs) tight, with many buttons; there are also several buttons at the neck. During winter they wear black astrakhan hats, unadorned waistcoat, long and tight trousers, with exterior cuts down of about 5cm; tight boots; over, a Suba white floral cuffs and pockets. Women wear “spătoaie de tinari” with figures on the sleeves. At the edge of dresses, made of linen, fangs and various shapes of flowers are sewn into the cloth. Sometimes the fangs are separated from the dress by a “sălbănaş”, in which case it is sewn into the cloth and the teeth are added to sălbănaş; boots on their feet.