Touristic trails


Marking: Blue Cross to Saua Cazan, then yellow band all the way to the Păulis – Șiria road.

Distance: 16 km

Difference of level: approx. 400 m

Level of effort: 5

Duration: 5 – 5.5 hours

Accessibility: all year, preferably guided.

This circuit begins in Șiria behind the Ioan Slavici Memorial Museum where the road passes near an agro-tourist pension and slightly ascends. From here you can already see the ruins of the fortress where you will head from the end of the vineyards on the left. The road to the fortress is not easy, testing the physical condition of the tourist, but once one has reached the summit, one’s efforts will be rewarded by the view. Heading towards the East, one leaves the ruins behind. One follows the road passing on the left of the TV antenna through a small forest. Follow the path and you will reach below the western ridge of the Zărandului Mountains. To the right, you go back down to Șiria, but the route is going on a different road that goes south. The trail follows the ridge and then goes down the left side of the peak following a contour line. It then proceeds to climb lightly so that after a while, the route marked with blue dot will appear on the left. We continue to the south and pass the secondary peaks all the way to Șaua Cazan where the route marked with blue cross ends, because now it encounters the yellow tape marked route leading to The Feredeu Hermitage. Follow the route marked with yellow tape for about 15 minutes to reach The Feredeu Hermitage. It follows the same route described returning to Șiria.


– The Memorial Museum “Ioan Slavici & Emil Montia” – Șiria

– The ruins of the Șiria Fortress

– The Feredeu Hermitage and the Way of the Cross

– The Feredeu Monastery



Marking: blue point

Distance: approx. 15 km

Difference of level: approx. 600 m

Level of effort: 5

Duration: 5 – 6 hours

Accessibility: all year round.

There are many opinions that say that this is one of the most beautiful trails in the Zărandului Mountains. You only have to go through this route and confirm or refute these opinions. This route is one of the most varied and complex, testing pretty much all the knowledge of a tourist. The route starts in the center and is common with the blue cross mark until the latter climbs toward the ruins. Our route climbs further down the valley which guided us up here and gets into the right road that goes from Șiria towards the modernized TV relay. Following this road full of windings, we meet the blue cross below the western ridge where it signs to the right.

It goes in parallel with a portion of the road, and then leaves it descending a secondary peak to the left. It follows this line which its reduces altitude but then it descends to the right leaving behind the Almaș Valley, near a confluence of streams. Crossing the valley we engage opposite the steep slope steeply where we meet an edge (former mining flooring on the right) where we find a forest road. This road climbs increasingly towards the north ridge of Cârciuma Peak, where we arrive in a glade. On the right side of this meadow we can find this marking but we can get into the meadow and head up right on the forest road that we meet.

We walk through a pine forest sector and when we exit from this cluster we have to be careful, because shortly after our route leaves the origin of the left descending Big Valley. It goes down a level curve and crosses two upper secondary valleys, under the Cârciuma Peak. The path takes us on the eastern ridge of Cârciuma Peak, which we follow for a short time. Eventually, the trail goes right down the Stojart Valley where, on our way to Căsoaia, located downstream, we have to walk for about 15 minutes.



Marking: blue band up in Capra Peak, then red band on the main ridge and the way down to the monastery is on the blue dot marking.

Distance: 14 km

Difference of level: approx. 340 m

Level of effort: 4

The duration of 5 – 5.5 hours

Accessibility: all year, preferably guided.

The route starts in the center of Ghioroc climbing eastwards along the Domneasca Valley, near the vacation homes here. Right near a spring it goes up on the right side of the valley and reaches a farm road. Follow this road going through an open field where you can see Ghioroc and the entire Arad Plain. Going forward, the marking leaves the road and follows a path in the woods. It follows the path and it goes round the Capra Peak. Here the trail intersects with the route marked with a blue triangle and here begins the main ridge of the Zărandului Mountains, a route marked with red. From this point follow the route marked with red. The general direction is WNW-ESE. It will pass near Cioaca Zicătorii Peak (432m) and down into a ridge. On the right side we will cross the Gurgului Peak (392m), then Chiciora Peak (488 m). It then reaches the southern part of the Cold Fountain Peak (573 m), which will be passed on the right. On the west side of this peak is the Feredeu Hermitage. A blue dot trail descends to the hermitage.


– The Tramways Museum (The Green Arrow) – Ghioroc

– The Vine and Wine Museum – Ghioroc

– The Museum of Apiculture – Ghioroc

– Lake Ghioroc



Marking: blue triangle

Distance: approx. 12 km

Difference of level: approx. 470 m

Level of effort: 5

Duration: 4 – 5 hours

Accessibility: all year restricted in vintage period.

The route starts from the county road 708B, near the milestone indicating “2 km Șiria / 3 km Covăsânț”. The mark follows a road that enters an old gate in a vineyard and goes up a farm road to the East. Make a right turn and then immediately climbing left on a secondary ridge. This leads us climbing eastward towards the main ridge of the Zărand Mountains. Soon after, the agricultural road ends and intersects another road facing to the north – south. Next, the route keeps on heading to the East on a path.

The slope gets more inclined; the visible trail ridge keeps the line of the secondary ridge and approaches a dale that it follows all the way to the main crest reaching it under the Chicioara Peak (488 m), the point marked by a short halt. From here the route is shared with the main ridge (red tape) up to Cârciuma Peak (501 m). Before this peak, our route, along with the one that comes from the Feredeu Hermitage, easily surpasses the top on the left on a forest road that descends in a pronounced way in Stojart Valley. The slope becomes steeper even before reaching the valley, posing serious problems if it rains. Next, the two paths follow the valley all the way to Căsoaia, where it ends.



Marking: yellow band

Distance: approx. 17 km

Difference of level: approx. 1040 m

Level of effort: 6

Duration: 5 – 7 hours

Accessibility: all year round.

Located in the southern part of Șiria, The Tourists’ Monument is where the trail begins. We go eastward, following the road that climbs toward the Feredeu Hermitage, pass near the Feredeu Vale Monastery, whose patron is St. Prophet Ilie Tezviteanul, where we can observe the monastic settlement and the monastic household and we cross a broad inter-fluve to go down a valley under the hermitage. After about 3 km, the mark leaves the road which climbs to the monastery and enters the forest. Cross a ravine, beyond a confluence of valleys and climbs roughly through switchbacks, to the Feredeu Hermitage (445 m). Near the hermitage there is also a permanent spring where it is better to restore our water supplies. Moreover, we also intersect the short tourist trail that descends from the main ridge (south of the Cold Fountain Peak), it reaches the hermit and climbs Șaua Cazan, on a blue dot trail. Starting the climb northwards to Șaua Cazan we meet the road that comes from Șiria. In this place we go to the right and follow the path that describes a level curve (crossing the origin of the Almaș, where there is a spring – Spiroc) climbing in the main ridge of the Zărand Mountains (east of the peak Cold Fountain), in a place called “Forget me not” or known by other tourists as the “Plateau of Freedom”. Reaching the main ridge trail we meet and blue triangle, a common road with our route to Căsoaia. Arriving in Căsoaia we cross the bridge and reach the intersection of un-modernized roads having a campsite on the left. We turn right and climb the road to the first junction of the valleys where we turn left. On this small area (from the crossroads and all the way up above this confluence) we meet and the red triangle that descends from the ridge of Highiș Peak on the crest of the Dubilor Hill. We keep the line of the Highișului Valley, and then, after a good walk, we climb to the left, on the right side of the valley to a secondary ridge. Keeping its line, we reach the south side of Peak Highiș having about 10 minutes left to the summit.



Marking: blue point

Distance: approx. 2 km

Difference of level: approx. 50 m

Level of effort: 3

Duration: 30 minutes

Accessibility: all year round.

South of the Cold Fountain Peak a little blue dot trail deviates to the left reaching the Feredeu Hermitage. If the first path is smoother, then follows a sharp descent towards the hermitage. Once arrived here, we also meet the yellow tape mark which goes up the Arad vineyard. Next we head north and, along the marking mentioned above, we climb Șaua Cazan where the tourist trail coming from Syria ends (blue cross). Here we head right, crossing from the north the Cold Fountain Peak, crossing the origins of the Almaș, then get back to the main ridge of the Zărand Mountains.